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Great Service

Mar 30, 2014 by Nick
Town: Brookhaven • 
State: PA 

Had a remote start system put in and later a security alarm. The guys were great about getting them paired together for me. The service is great and they all know what they are doing.

Sep 17, 2013 by Mike Jovanovic
Town: Norwood • 
State: Pa 

We had our windows tinted and all of our remote starts put in here. Great Service! Very easy to deal with. We'll be back!

Highly Recommended

Feb 20, 2013 by Ken Donaberger
Town: Aston • 
State: PA 

I recently received a Viper 5704 Security/Remote Start system for Xmas. After searching on Viper's website I noticed but one Viper certified shop in the area out of countless listed by Viper. This guy, being the only Viper certified shop in the area, was very attentive when I walked in the door and knew exactly what he needed to do...well almost exactly. His claim is that he doesn't leave until the scheduled job is done...well, he followed that to a T after taking almost 13hrs to install the system into my Ram SRT10. The issue actually had nothing to do with his expertise but rather a foul up by both Viper and Dodge who claimed to use their documentation for a regular Ram 1500 (both of which were wrong.) After being pushed around place to place he finally resorted to "old school" methods and tested each and every wire to get it installed. Once installed he called me up and I ran over (almost 10:30pm at this point) to pick it up after which he trained me on how to use it, how awesome is that! I wouldn't trust anyone else to do the job around here, I only hear horror stories.

Cool Shop!

Nov 04, 2012 by Tariq Woodall
Town: Collingdale • 
State: Pa 

Cool shop. Cool People. Very fast, in-expensive, Always have specials.
Hands down great service and I will refer people and come back myself as well.

Thank You!

Dec 19, 2011 by Mike S.
Town: Media • 
State: PA 

I just had my Mustang tinted last week. Thank you for staying late and fitting me in!

These guys are great!

Dec 03, 2011 by Michele A.
Town: Norwood • 
State: PA 

These guys are great! We just got our 3rd remote start installed there. The prices are reasonable and if you ever need to go back for anything they are very helpful.

Thank You

Nov 19, 2011 by Glen B.
Town: Glenolden • 
State: PA 

So.......I decide to purchase a remote start for my SUV and I went to **********. I got a 2-way Viper Responder LE because it wasn\'t the cheapest, and I had an extra buck to spend on something nice. Turns out, it is the biggest pain in the \"you know what.\" It beeps all the time!!!!! DRIVES ME CRAZY!!!! . IT COMBUSTED IN MY HAND. Seriously? YES seriously.  I looked online and there were bad reviews all over the place about it. The back was coming off a bit for a couple days like it was swollen and I went to lock it and it flew apart. I went to ********** and the same guy that sold it to me said it is impossible. I must have been rough with it in my cubical all day for the last six weeks. The truth is impossible. It will cost me $80 for a new one and there is nothing he can do about it. I asked if he ever heard any bad things about the keypad and he had nothing to say. 

I went to Car sound and Security and spoke with John because he just had a tint sale I took advantage of and he did an incredible job. Turns out he is a Viper dealer. He said he does not put my selected system on display because all he hears is problems. He immediatly replaced my keypad, that was in 3 or 4 peices at this point at his cost of around $30. WHAAAAAAAT? Are you kidding me. honesty? these days? Admitting a faulty product and resolving my key problem at a fair price? wow. Then, he said that he would call into the manufacturer and tell them my experience, and just maybe he can get the remote replaced at no cost. 

He called me yesterday and said he had a new back for my Wife\'s 1-way, 2 more to put on the side when it happens again, and my new 2 way at his shop ready for pick up at no cost to me. 

John treated me with respect, didn\'t look at me like I had 3 heads, stepped up to the plate and hit a home run as far as customer service is concerned. Hats off to Car Sound and Security in Glenolden, PA. It is businesses like this that will be on the front line, bringing this economy to its feet eventually. For all of my alarm, tint and sound system needs in the future I will go nowhere other then Car Sound and Security

Excellent Service

May 01, 2011 by Tom M.
Town: Norwood • 
State: PA 

I had 3 car sound systems and 4 car alarms / remote starters installed over last 10 years. They are always professional. When my wife had car alarm  "malfunctioning" 60 miles from home with my kids; I was concerned and far away at work. I called Car Sound and they called my wife's cell phone and guided her over the phone and she was able to start the car and get them home. I'm no big spender but I want quality and demand  it. Yes its cheaper at "Best Buy" or other chain stores but you try taking a car back to them for assistance and they will laugh. Let's face it, you get what you pay for. I'll pay a little extra for quality and have a piece of mind.  Tom from Norwood, PA

Carsound & Security Inc 610-461-3400 200 S. Chester Pike Glenolden PA, 19036 USA 5.0 5.0 8 8 Had a remote start system put in and later a security alarm. The guys were great about getting them paired together for me. The service is great and they all know what they are doi
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